Stock Market Analysis: 08/28/11

Genting SP is usually a slow couch potato but there was a change in direction at the moment. I focused heavily on boutiques picking because one stock can change your fortune and avoid junkie stocks for now. This is used by maximum traders due to the fact that share rates can vary from second to second, but they usually have a model of either going up or down that can be investigated and understood. This is typically the best bet because then you know exactly what is going into the product and will not have to be so worried about using it. The market had been pretty easy to trade as the market had been a bull run but now it’s time to lock in some profits first and then see if there is ws for the market to trend higher. Click on the link below and then click follow. For those of you who wants to learn more on stock readiness and market timing, click on the link below to take up the last few seats.


The Tee Intl good news released during lunch break today and the stock tried to run a little more further to 0.121/0.122 before I saw a block of 1668 lots at 0.122 where I knew it’s impossible for the stock to climb further. AEM was still strong earlier in the morning with price maintaining it’s posture to only realized that Hi-P broke down again today and the stock just have to follow. It signify that after Hi-P’s selling yesterday, it was time for AEM to break down since it’s the second liner as compared to Hi-P. As much as stocks are dirt cheap now with good setups, it might require more time to wait for the dust to settle down first. There are many types of asset class for trading/investment in the world but the one I preferred most is stocks. It was so scary that there was an exodus of investors and everyone was throwing with fear. It wasn’t in the Top 30 volume earlier in the morning as captured on the link below but it’s now number 7 with the sellers throwing down the shares.